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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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we shall calmly fight without anxiety against the enemy on
this side, and win the yietory"*.
Ramaraja who was delighted to hear this petition of his
servants, despatched troops, as requested by them. Then lie
gave presents to the petitioners, and new dresses to all his
vazlrs, and sent them to different places (on the battle-field) to
fight. The battle then raged fiercely; Akhabara Jaladinu
Padusaha having fought :for a while), retreated from the field.
Upon this, Mogalu Padusaha and Nizam Padusaha, these two,
having joined together fought fiercely so as to destroy the
enemy; but they were not able to maintain their own.f Nizam
S§aha Padusaha and Kutuptisaha Padusalia withdrew with
their forces to one side. The Karnatakas who were delighted
(to see the enemy retreat) ignited simultaneously the fuses of a
lakh of bombs. The army of the two Padusahas fell into
considerable disorder; several were killed and several wounded;
and some of the soldiers fled to their native places. The
two Padusahas, (having rallied their troops;, attacked (the
Karnataka army) once again.J The fight was well-contested
on both the sides, and many people were killed. Thereupon,
* ' We will undertake on our side to beat the enemy and punish them with little
trouble.1 /Mrf, p. 205.
The text has tivM jtavttjSyifevu. The meaning is not intelligible, The translation
is only tentative.
t 'Mogalu Padusaha * is a mistake due to a slip on. the part of the author »r th*
copyist of the chronicle. It should be Kutupu Łaha Padusah* as the following
•ent»nce clearly shows. " But Cootbood Shah retreated from the conflict to * place of
lecurity for his defence ; at thi» discomfiture and flight the Carnatic troops rejoiced/1
cf, I.Q.M., p. 205.
The tranilatiofl of the last tentence is tentative. The sentence in the text is
Avxrigt d8r* tyfarSlu tigalittavu. The meaning of &rpar3l« is not known, but th« next
sentence makes it clear that the Muhammadans had to retrtat; hence the translation*
J......... many troops of the two Badshahs were killed or wounded and the reft
fiett to their encampment* Great numbers also were slain of the army of Rama Rayaloo by
those of the two Badshahs and Rama Rayaloo being highly enraged at the great destruc-
tion gave the most urgent orders to his vaxir* and officers to renew the fight"—
/.CU&f., p. 207.
This is absurd. RSmaraya who had just beaten the Mussalmans could not hare
been desirous to continue the fight with the retreating enemy, unless he wanted to
Łoisue them, and dislodge them from their carop. The text of t&e chronicle does not give
tt^stteh indication*